Operational Checks

Streamline food safety compliance with customizable checklists and automated scheduling

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Food Safety Check
Notes:  Complete essential food safety and food hygiene checks
Equipment Inspection
Notes: Inspect equipment for preventative maintence to catch problems early
Employee Uniform Checklist
Notes:  Self certify that you're following uniform guidelines
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Ensure accountability, save time & maintain quality standards

Replace manual checklists and never let a critical check slip through the cracks again

Schedule recurring checks with ease – daily, weekly or monthly to fit your needs

Access all check records instantly during audits – no more hunting for paper forms

Improve oversight by seeing which staff completed each check and get alerts if any are missed

Tailor your digital check forms to match your exact processes and update them anytime


Customise checklists to your requirements

Tailor forms to your exact processes – from daily safety checks to monthly equipment inspections

Digitize paper checklists and eliminate manual form creation

Update and improve your forms anytime as your operations evolve

Employee Uniform Checklist

19 June 2024

Your Name

Reference: F-FS-01

Revision: 2

Previous Versions: 3

Locations: Business Location 1, Location 2

Description: Ensure that uniform policies are being adhered to

Equipment Inspection

19 June 2024

Your Name

Reference: F-FS-02

Revision: 5

Previous Versions: 12

Locations: Location 2

Description: Ensure equipment is working as expected

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What people say

"Real-time visibility"

“Forkto gives me real-time visibility into our operations. I see exactly who’s doing those vital checks, and when. It’s taken the guesswork, and the worry, out of compliance.
Christies Scottish Tapas

"The anxiety is gone!"

“Every check, every label, everything an auditor could ask for was instantly at our fingertips. Supplier audits have been flawless. The anxiety is gone! In fact, the auditors complimented the system and were impressed with how easy it made everything for them.”
Armstrong Meats

Stop fighting with tools that aren't for the job

Forkto simplifies your food safety compliance with intuitive scheduling, task management, and unlimited checks.


Forkto is built from the ground up for Food Safety and Food Hygiene checklists making our forms easy to build, deploy, revise & complete for your staff.


Easily schedule food safety checks daily, weekly or monthly to match your operational cadence. Set it and forget it.

Centralised Manager

Keep your whole team aligned with a single digital checklist manager. Assign checks, track progress and ensure accountability.

Unlimited Checklists

Perform all the checklists you need to maintain full compliance. No restrictions or extra fees.

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At Forkto, we're on a mission to transform the way food businesses manage their operations. Our journey began with a vision to simplify compliance and enhance transparency in the food industry. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we've created solutions that empower businesses to thrive while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety.

Established in 2022 by a team of passionate software developers, Forkto was founded with a clear purpose: to streamline HACCP and BRC compliance. Drawing insights from HACCP consultants and industry professionals, we set out to revolutionize how food businesses approach their day-to-day operations.

At the heart of Forkto lies our innovative software, meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges faced by food businesses. From inventory management to temperature monitoring, operational checks, and label creation, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify operations and ensure compliance.

We envision a future where trust and transparency define every aspect of the food chain. Through accessible technology and a commitment to sustainability, we're building a food industry that fosters accountability and empowers businesses to thrive.

Our mission is clear: to equip food businesses with innovative tools for comprehensive food safety and traceability. By providing accessible solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we're reshaping the landscape of the food industry one business at a time.