Streamline Check Creation with Check Form Builder

Last Updated: 17 March 2024

Introducing the Forkto Check Form Builder: A Game-Changer for Food Safety and Hygiene

We’re excited to unveil the latest feature in our Food Safety App on the Forkto platform: The Check Form Builder. This innovative tool is a game-changer for food businesses, focusing on enhancing food hygiene and safety through customizable check forms.

Check Form Builder,Food Safety,Food Hygiene

Feature Breakdown

The Check Form Builder in our Food Hygiene App offers an intuitive interface, enabling you to design specialized forms for various operational checks. This is crucial for ensuring food safety standards are met. Tailor your forms for different needs, including health and safety checks, food hygiene audits, inventory assessments, and more.

Check Form Builder,Food Safety,Food Hygiene

Creating a New Check Form

Crafting a new Food Safe Checklist is streamlined and efficient. Simply add a title, description, and select from a range of input types like text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc., to suit your specific food safety requirements. Customize each field with questions or labels, and mark mandatory fields as needed. Rearrange fields to ensure a logical flow, perfectly aligning with your operational procedures.

Check Form Builder,Food Safety,Food Hygiene

Managing Check Forms

Our Food Safety App makes managing your Food Safe Forms effortless. Keep track of all your forms, neatly organized by reference. Each group showcases different forms, including their revisions, sorted for easy accessibility.

Check Form Builder,Food Safety,Food Hygiene

Activating and Deactivating Check Forms

Gain full control over your operational checks with simple activation and deactivation options for each form. This flexibility ensures that your food business only uses the most relevant and up-to-date checklists for food safety and hygiene.

Creating a New Revision

Updating your Food Safe Forms is hassle-free. Select the form, initiate a new revision, adjust as necessary, and save. This ensures your food business always adheres to the latest food safety standards.

An Essential Tool for Maintaining High Standards

Regular checks are pivotal in maintaining food hygiene and safety standards. The Check Form Builder simplifies this process, enabling you to create and manage bespoke checklists that thoroughly cover all critical aspects of food safety.

Experience the efficiency of the Check Form Builder in our Food Hygiene App and witness first-hand how it revolutionizes your operational checks. We’re committed to supporting and enhancing the safety standards of your food business. Embrace this innovative tool and maintain the highest standards in food safety and hygiene!

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